Come on, GOBOARD !

The idea of being on an electric ridable gadget excites you!

You love a personal transportation technology which can let you travel safe, smart, and carefree!

Hoverboards give you a real thrill!

You love everything techie and urban!

Welcome aboard at GoBoard!

The e-rideables have brought a new trend in personal mobility. New developments in technology and safety standards are making them safer and more convenient than ever. As a fan of the technology, you need an established leader whose technology guarantees a safe, reliable and comfortable mode that suits your urban taste.

The GoBoard team offers the second generation personal Hoverboard or self-balancing scooters - electric skateboards and hoverboards - which are impressive and the safest to operate. The best fit to your urban outlook, GoBoard has developed more rugged and more durable versions of this hoverboard scooter, making it more versatile and multi-purpose than a regular self-balancing scooter. Thanks to the latest technologies, the GoBoard line of products give you a perfect glide over grass, dirt, sand, as well as water (coming soon).